Here’s a little bit about me.

Hello! I’m Emily Jean.

I’m a twentysomething, aspiring writer of poetry and children’s books. I’m a runner, reader, novice rock climber, baker, and homemaker, too. Someday, I want to have a garden. With twinkle lights. Mostly I’m still figuring it all out.

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I have two mantras. One from my first English professor, a tiny, erudite lady who made Marxist theory (sorta) interesting, introduced me to a lifelong affection for the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, and who made me read Oedipus Rex. Twice. (I actually loved it. And if the nerd alert isn’t screaming in your ears yet – well.)

On one otherwise uneventful afternoon, this lady said something I’ll never, ever forget:

Writing is the greatest form of self-discovery.

Immediately, I scrawled this sentence in the margin of my spiral bound notebook. Hearing it was like waking up. (Or, more aptly, like drinking coffee after being technically awake for at least 40 minutes. I am not a morning person.)

From that moment, I have known this to be true about me, most particularly and almost painfully. So that’s why I’m here. To write. To discover. But also to connect. Because discovery doesn’t have to be solitary. In fact, it’s so much better, and so much richer, when it’s shared.

My other mantra comes from the wonderful Cheryl Strayed. (If you don’t like Cheryl, well, probably don’t read my blog.) In a letter from Tiny Beautiful Things, Cheryl says:

You’re a writer because you write.

So I’m an aspiring writer. Scratch that. I’m a writer.

What else?

I live in Columbus, Ohio with my BFF who also happens to be my husband, and our, um, irrepressible husky pup, Ivan. We like it here.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this messy and wild, amazing and beautiful adventure. If you’re inclined, I’d love to learn about your story, too.

Emily Jean


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